Force Majeure describes an inevitable event, a stroke of fate brought about by a higher power. In the insurance sector the term is often used to pass off responsibility for something that went terribly wrong: Shit happens — it is, what it is.

On FORCE MAJEURE we present a range of projects by independent creators from different art sectors including film, music, photography and journalism.

There’s no room for excuses here! FORCE MAJEURE is a free pass for the selected artists. Here, the focus lies solely on the experiment and the dialogue with the audience — not a target group or a specific market. Extraordinary projects can be discovered here and there’s nothing quite like it.

The series is being kicked off by “08/15 — The Daily Lives of Death”, a short film by Sarah Elena Schwerzmann.


Sometimes we hear or see something that pierces right through our core and leaves us deeply touched or thoughtfully reflective on things as we know them. It can be hard to put it into words but every now and then it just has to be said out loud.

Something on your mind? We hope you’ll share it with us hello@force-majeure.org

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The Daily Lives of Death